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Bringing Back the Yamuna River to Vrndavana

During the GBC meetings this year in Mayapura, Brajraj Sharan Baba from Varsana gave a presentation to the GBC Body about the current state of the Yamuna River in Vraja. (Please see video below.) He humbly requested the GBC to adopt the following proposal and it was immediately voted upon and accepted. He also came to speak with me personally and I assured him that I would do my best to promote this to others.

The following is the resolution which was passed by the GBC Body:

Title of Proposal: Bringing back the Yamuna River to Vrindavan

Explanation of the proposal:

Currently 100% of the water from the Yamuna is blocked above Delhi and this water is diverted for industries and irrigation. Below the dams above Delhi there is simply a dry river bed.

The water that we presently find in the Yamuna River bed is runoff from the Delhi sewerage system, and from the streets of Delhi and the towns above Vrindavan.

The Governmental Authorities in Delhi have suggested some feasible methods for again allowing the Yamuna water to flow in Vrindavan, and to divert the sewerage elsewhere.


Whereas there is not even one drop of water from the Yamuna river to be found in the Yamuna River bed in Vrindavan.

Whereas all the original waters are diverted before River Yamuna enters Vraj Vrindavan.

Whereas only sewage and runoff which comes from upstream Delhi flows in the Yamuna River bed at present. The sewage is partially treated and is extremely dangerous for humans to come in contact with. There are many credible and official studies verifying the contamination

Whereas any contact with the water in the River Yamuna bed is hazardous for health of devotees and general public. The water carries several antibiotic resistant bacteria which can be the cause of death. In addition many viruses, toxic chemicals, and toxic metals are carried by the water.

Whereas there are methods by which the original Yamuna River water can again flow to Vrindavan.

Whereas a campaign to influence the Governmental authorities to act can achieve success in bringing the Yamuna waters back to Vrindavan.

Whereas bringing the Yamuna waters back to Vrindavan is direct service to the holy Dham of Vrindavan which is direct service to the Divine Couple Sri Sri Radha Krishna.

Whereas the aforementioned campaign can increase the public’s appreciation of ISKCON.

Whereas the aforementioned campaign can help ISKCON’s worldwide insofar as ISKCON will be seen at forefront of the environmental movement.

Therefore ISKCON temples, congregations, yatras, and devotees are encouraged to:

1. To include Yamuna Maharani in their daily prayers.

2. To explain the spiritual importance of Shri Yamuna Maharani to others.

3. To organize special kirtans or dedicate existing kirtans to the Yamuna cause.

4. To organize special programs or dedicate existing programs to the Yamuna cause.

5. Explain the environmental issues to other, especially working through the relevant ISKCON ministries that deal with the environment.

6. Create world-wide campaigns

7. Encourage and assist in petitions to accomplish the aforementioned purposes.

8. Using internal media( Back to Godhead etc.) and external media(newspapers, Television etc.) effectively.

9. To encourage spread of campaign through internet websites (dandavats.com, desiretree.com etc) social groups (facebook etc) etc.

Please watch this small 5 min presentation video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69tm_yCAzY8 and

sign the petition at http://www.saveyamuna.org/sign-yamuna-petition

Visit http://www.saveyamuna.org/ to more about this issue.

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